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Use your Reward Card to get great deals when you buy local.

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Businesses are beginning to operate again. Visit Now Open to see who’s open and get their contact details..


Discover new places to go around the Coast. One loyalty card can get you rewards all year round.

Order here or purchase at Heritage Jewellers. You’ll also receive a set of exclusive vouchers – Cards $29 each or 2 for $40*


When you support our members businesses you get access to a variety of instant rewards.


Get discounts and added value when you make purchases from West Coast Rewards members.


Saving money and getting great deals makes you feel good! Enjoy being rewarded for buying local.


A Reward Card costs $29 and lasts for one year. You can make your money back and then save!


Post a photo of your rewards with the hashtag #westcoastrewards to get a feature on Instagram.


Boost the West Coast Rewards community by sharing the love and telling your friends about it.

It’s always a great time to support local businesses.

It means everything when you support our members and every sale is appreciated. Just take a moment to realise how important these places are and what they add to our towns. Make a difference, buy local.

How Does The Card Work?

Show your Reward Card to get all kinds of deals around the West Coast. Find our members here and follow us on Facebook & Instagram to keep up with new businesses and deals.

My Wallet Is Full Of Cards, Why Do I Need This One?

No doubt it’s loaded with loyalty cards, there are so many of them. West Coast Rewards has one card that is accepted at a variety of places. It’s all about finding local businesses easily and looking after the locals.

I have saved a lot of money using my West Coast Rewards card. Ten plus stars!!


I like that by shopping local not only do we get to support awesome businesses and community initiatives but we get rewarded for it. Woohoo!! Love the businesses connected and am looking forward to seeing more join.


Fantastic service provided for locals. Great discounts at many different businesses up and down the Coast!


Answers To Your Questions

What do I get by using a West Coast Rewards loyalty Card?

You will receive an instant reward when you make a qualifying purchase. Each business has a different deal, it could be a gift, discount or added value. Look for the signs and present your Reward Card at participating businesses.

How long does the Reward Card last?

Loyalty card membership lasts one year from date of purchase.

How do I use a West Coast Rewards Voucher?

Have a look through all the participating businesses and choose where you would like to spend it. Show the voucher to redeem. Businesses may have their own T&C’s and you can’t get the usual deals while using your voucher as payment.

What if a shop or business I like isn’t using West Coast Rewards?

Ask them if they have heard about us! It’s free for businesses to take part. they may be interested in the added exposure West Coast Rewards can offer their business.

How does a business become a West Coast Rewards member?

Just click one of the “Sign Up Free” buttons or the “create a listing” option in our directory then fill in the form. If you have any questions, please contact us for assistance.  e:

Why is this a different kind of advertising?

We help business owners attract customers and build loyalty. You get to choose how to use the West Coast Rewards card to create more of your ideal sales. We can also help boost your social media and existing promotions.

What does a business member get and how much does it cost?

  • It is FREE to be a member. Join now to get your business seen.
  • Get signs & stickers to display.
  • Use our loyalty card to encourage sales.
  • Get a listing on this website and social media promotion.
  • Join in on our exclusive advertising offers.
  • Reach people who love to buy local. Targeted advertising.
  • We offer one-on-one support to assist in making the system work best for each individual business plus other services.